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Balance Awareness

Yasmin Ofek

My name is Yasmin Ofek and I moved to the US from Israel in 2010.


I have a varied background. Before moving here, I studied Chinees Medicine and Shiatsu Therapy and worked as a Shiatsu Therapist in an alternative medicine center. 


I also graduated from the Feldenkrais Method® practitioners course in Israel and taught the method there in different places around the country. 


In my spare time, I have practiced yoga, Qi gong, Tai-chi, and Zen Buddhism, all of which contribute to my current teachings. 


Since coming to the US, I continued teaching the Feldenkrais Method® and offer classes in institutions around New Jersey. I was also awarded a personal trainer certificate from the ISSA, a fitness group instructor certificate from NETA, and a cancer exercise specialist certificate from CETI. 

My work, both in Israel and in the United States, has centered around working with seniors. Listening to the needs of the people I was working with, I was inspired to develop the Balance Awareness method, a methodical approach that aims to improve balance through awareness.

After I certified as a Cancer specialist I started to work at Pathway - an organization that support women with cancer in the summit NJ area. I'm the coordinator and a trainer at the Sister Strong fitness program. 

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