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Balance Awareness


Leslie Adler:

I have been taking lessons with Yasmin for about 6 months.

Here is what I found; I can walk better and I have better balance on the ice.

Yasmin has guided me to be able to make choices about how I choose to do certain movements that occur every day such as walking up stairs, holding my music folder, driving a car or balancing in my ballet class.


I used to feel stiff, but now my joints feel lubricated.


I’m beginning to understand that I have choices. I’m beginning to learn how my body is connected and that I can be more efficient in my movements. This is my favorite class that I have taken. My body feels so good at the end of each session, and it has really sparked an interest in body mechanics.


Thank you Yasmin!


Yasmin and her balance class have made such a positive difference in my life! Old aches and pains have largely subsided, and I feel much more in harmony with my body. Yasmin stresses teaching the brain to recognize the kinds of movements we can make that can help keep us from slipping or falling, strengthen us and increase our flexibility. She explains not just the physical moves we should practice, but the reasons why they can benefit us. Each class is a combination of mindfulness and physical adventure. I never feel judged,  but cheered and encouraged by Yasmin’s concern and appreciation for each of us. She is always adding to her considerable professional  knowledge, and sharing her discoveries and research with us. I highly recommend learning about balance with Yasmin! 

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Charlie Mangano:

As a man ageing in my mid-sixties, Yasmin’s “lessons” over the past year improved my flexibility and balance.  The lessons help with daily activities and sports performance, especially when playing golf.  Her focus on specific muscle groups during a lesson brings your mind and concentration to participate in the physical activity.  I recommend a regiment of Yasmin’s lessons to anyone who wants to enjoy moving through life with less muscle and joint pain as you age. 


You are taken the basic principles of Feldenkrais and the range of movement classes from your colleagues and developed a core system to address specific challenges that come with aging and others that are result of physical or medical interventions we have had to deal with.  
It is very significant that you have labeled the sessions as Balance Classes.  This is exactly the concentration that I need.  The classes are not exactly the same but there is an underlying and ongoing result because every part of the body is connected and with each directed class we are working on the mind body connection as a whole.
I cannot emphasize the mind body connection enough.  Each year I recognize that I am working on the same things but my body and my environment are changing.  I modify the opportunity I have on a daily basis to support the ideas and movements that we do together.
The direction that you give about the importance of  body alignment, and using the brain to connect to the movements results in integrating the body movements as a whole.

One of the helpful directions that I use every day—even with routine activities is that because you have stressed body and mind awareness I can pause in the middle of a walk or any activity and think am I aligned, how is one part of my body interacting with another, and I can use my mind and my body to work together.
It is not always the same.  Sometimes the mind leads the body and sometimes the body takes a move that sends the message to the brain.
I am so glad you are looking forward to continuing with this
It really makes me happy that you started the virtual class and that you are planning to continue.
Looking forward to many, many more classes and sessions.


Joan Peters:

I was introduced to Yasmin through a friend and am very grateful to have met her.

Her classes are interesting and NOT repetitive.

I used to find that after a few months the boredom of doing the same thing over and over set in.

Yasmin's classes focus each class on different muscle groups, so that doesn't happen.

Last, it doesn't feel like a lot of work but my tracker says different and I am sweating at the end. A miracle!

Mind the Body

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