Quite by chance I was in the class where Yasmin substituted and introduced the Feldenkrais Method. By the end of the session I was amazed at the increase in range of motion that I experienced through simple movements done on a mat.

  I made commitment to take Yasmin's classes. She draws upon her training in various disciplines to cerfully and uniquely structure lessons.


 Trough group and individual sessions, Yasmin has helped me cope with the effect of SCOLIOSIS. My posture has visibly improved. KNEE pain is greatly reduced and my BALANCE is more stable.

We continue working to reduce TENSION in areas that I am not even aware that tension exists.

As a ressult I have greater flexability and move with more ease.


  I am fortunate to be on this journey to help me respond to the challenges that my condition presents, as well as the challenges of the aging process.


  I have been taking lessons with Yasmin for about 6 months.

Here is what I found; I can walk better and I have better balance on the ice.

   Yasmin has guided me to be able to make choices about how I choose to do certain movements that occur every day such as walking up stairs, holding my music folder, driving a car or balancing in my ballet class.


I used to feel stiff, but now my joints feel lubricated.


  I’m beginning to understand that I have choices. I’m beginning to learn how my body is connected and that I can be more efficient in my movements. This is my favorite class that I have taken. My body feels so good at the end of each session, and it has really sparked an interest in body mechanics.


Thank you Yasmin!

Leslie Adler

  I was seventy. I had sciatica, and the pain led to a severe, flexible scoliosis. Even after I completed a round of physical therapy which improved my core strength and flexibility, I still stood askew, left hip protruding outward. I required a cane to walk, and I walked in pain.

  When you approach my age and begin losing mobility, experiencing increasing pain, it is reasonable to assume that you are headed for serious medical interventions, surgery, even a wheelchair.


But maybe not.


  I was acquainted with the Feldenkrais method from decades earlier when it was offered routinely at a holistic learning center I visited, the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. I thought at the time that Feldenkrais was remarkable, but hard to describe. We worked in groups on mats on the floor, verbally guided through a series of gentle, repetitive movements, walking away an hour later with joints feeling lubricated and body operating so much better.

  Fast forward to 2010 when I found Yasmin’s Feldenkrais class right here in my own community. Yasmin is the real deal, trained in Israel, where the method originated.

  Over time, I undid a body full of tension and imbalance and slowly stood taller and straighter, with less and less pain. MY CANE BECOME AN IMPEDIMENT,  and I stopped using it.

  Gradually, I came to know and sense my own amazing body as a friend instead of a complaining adversary.

  I recommend trying Balance awareness with Yasmin. Begin where you realistically are right now, and go from there.



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