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Balance awareness is a movement technique that combines two crucial aspects for everyday life: balance and awareness. 


Balance - the ability to respond and keep the body upright in unexpected situations where the body is pushed out of alignment (for example, when bumping into something or when standing on one leg). 


Awareness - this speaks to conscious movement. Awareness leads to new neural connections and helps preserve brain plasticity. 


The emphasis on these two practices is important for everyone and becomes especially significant as one ages. The technique is also very suitable for people that are not able to get down to the floor and get up by themselves. 

The exercise is performed alternatively in seated and standing positions. These are the two stances that people are most commonly found in throughout the day, and thus muscles relating to these poses are in constant use. 

More information about the method press 

balance Awareness Class

by Zoom 

Monday + Thursday

 9:00 - 10:00 am

 Zoom Lessons in Hebrew:

Monday + Thursday

11:30-12:30 (EST time)

Please have a chair with a flat seat without or with thin upholstery
And good sneakers

First class is free

To get the zoom link or questions    please contact me 

Fees & payments


One lesson - $15

10 lessons discount - $120

Payment options:




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