Balance Awareness 

with Yasmin Feldenkrais Method instructor & Personal Trainer 

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If you care about your brain and your body, are interested in self-exploration, gaining insight and a sense of how your body moves, developing awareness to effect change, and keep developing and increase your brain's plasticity,  join my class -

Balance Awareness

As you become older your body changes and responds less effectively then it used to (slower, stiffer, more limited and painful). A marked discrepancy grows between the brain that directs and the body that executes. Unconsciously, this uncertainty of control leads to a growing fear. The first reaction is to limit movements, which causes stiffness, leading to weak muscles, serious balance issues, and loss of confidence.

The class integrates the Feldenkrais Method to create better connection between the brain and the body while strengthening the muscles that keeping the body upright. When you develop awareness, explore using a wide variety of movements increase the range of motion, and acquire better insight of your body, all of these keep your brain plasticity, and you can achieve better and safer responses of your body in daily activities.

Recent researches about the brain, shows that it can keep develop new connections all our life - that calls: Brain plasticity.

One of the ways to do it is by challenging the brain with new movements and be aware to how we move, how the body responds, etc. Exploration that is essential part of the Feldenkrais Method.

During the years of teaching the Method and my experience as a personal trainer, I developed lessons designed especially to counteract the changes we are experiencing during the years.  I guide my students to get better mobility, to regain their center, to develop awareness of their body and it's reaction, and develop confidence in their ability to redirect their body.

The Feldenkrais Method

Is a system for continuum learning an efficient and coordinated movement by exploring different body areas and ranges of motion, looking into a variety of relationships between body parts and the way our body responds. Developing sensitivity to small movements and reactions in our body for better control in our responses to various situations.

Because every lesson is different and involved deep awareness to the movements, its forcing the brain to develop new connections between the neurons and increase brain plasticity. 

People take lessons for a variety of reasons such as wanting to improve physical comfort, reduce chronic pain, increase performance in sports or dance, and promote self-awareness for personal development.

balance Awareness Class

by Zoom 

Monday + Thursday at 9:00 am.

To try a class go to my blog

To get the zoom link contact me here

Fee for a zoom class - 12$

first class is free

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