Yasmin Ofek

I started Awareness Through Movement classes as a favor for a friend, who was studying the method and was looking for students to practice her teaching skills.
It took me a few lessons, but then it suddenly made sense and I was hooked. It was not just the movements, but the logic behind them. Every lesson was different and explored something else in the body, and it was endless, I could learn and improve forever.
I wanted all of it and decided to take the Feldenkrais Method instructor course where I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel.
As soon I was allowed to teach classes (2003) I did it, and have appreciated every day since, that I can lead people to improve themselves and enjoy it. 
I had previously worked many years as a Shiatsu Therapist in an Alternative Medicine center in Israel and had hands-on knowledge of body structure.


I'm holding a personal Trainer certificate from the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), and  I have practiced yoga, Chi-gong, Tai-chi and Zen Buddhism and they all inform my teaching today. 

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