Awareness Through Movement

An important part of The Feldenkrais Method. It is taught as a calming voice guiding a group of students, usually lying on comfortable floor mats, through a series of movements. The movements are slow, gentle, novel and exploratory. Students are taught to direct inner awareness to subtle yet crucial aspects of movements that are nearly impossible to sense in more traditional exercise settings that emphasize speed, strength, and effort.

Personal Training

Every person is unique; every life is unique. In the course of life we
develop habits; we live in a certain lifestyle; we may experience
trauma or serious health issues; we try to cope with the changes of
aging. All these experiences influence our bodies and differentiate us
from others.

Unique and individual as each one of us is, we all require a
cardiovascular system that efficiently provides oxygen to the body,
and we all need muscles that keep us upright, mobile, balanced, and
efficient, muscles that allow us to do the things we like and enjoy.

As an experienced personal trainer and certified Feldenkrais
instructor, I have worked mostly with the retired population in the last
15 years. I feel blessed to meet people with so many diverse life
experiences. I love the challenge of finding the way for each person
to connect and be aware of their body while safely strengthening and
developing the necessary muscles and pushing the heart to work.

Group Classes:

In my studio 114 Grant Ave. New Providence

Awareness Through Movement:

Monday & Wednesday

8:30-9:30 AM


Strengthening & Balance



8:30-9:30 AM

Balance Awareness class



Fee for a class: $20

Discount for 10 lessons package: $150


First class is FREE 

Please RSVP before you came.

For RSVP mail or click here

Or schedule Private Session that tailored to fit your needs​

Personal Training

Specialize working with adults 65 up


In the studio - 

1 hour - 60$

45 min - 50$


In the customer home - 

1 hour only 65$-85$ 

Depends on the distance (no more than 1/2  hour drive)

You can also attend my class at The Connection, summit (membership required)


Tuesday 8:45 - 9:45 am - Balance Training

Friday 1:00 - 2:00 pm - Regular Feldenkrais class 

or schedule a Personal Training at the fitness center (membership required)

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